Monday, March 26, 2012

AJ Part 2 (and his sister Marley, of course) =]

After the last little shoot, my daughter wanted an 'official' shoot w/both kiddies.  So here's Part 2 of AJ's 7 mo shoot.

Marley has gotten really good at posing.  All these were her ideas.

 This next picture is so 'incorrect' in many ways but we liked the way it looked. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Have been wanting to capture this little guys rolls before he starts moving around and loses them.  So when a couple hours of watching him and his sister turned into a sleepover, I grabbed the opportunity.  This  morning, I very quickly set up everything so I could snap a few shots before my daughter came to get them.  The lighting wasn't ideal and I forgot to put something solid underneath my 'floor'.. but otherwise they came out pretty cute.  You can see why his family calls him the 'bottle monster'.  So cute. 

His big sister wanted in but wouldn't let me get her ready.  So she's in her jammies.  What a sweet picture!